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Yeah, I know what your type of services are doing and I don't appreciate it. I will never use your service again and will avoid employers that use services like these like the plague. Look, I just wanted a place to brush up on coding since I'm very rusty and I do not appreciate the Orwellian style testing and the fact it takes 45 days and a request to delete my account. That is ridiculous!! If I knew every exercise I do is going to be timed, scored, and recorded permanently I would have gotten a throw away email for some junk user account instead. I cannot and will not practice coding under such an environment. Codility is clearly NOT a service for practicing, but rather proving skill AFTER practicing and this is a misunderstanding on my part for not researching Codility well enough.

I will promptly find another service, such as "play grounds", "sand boxes" etc. or go back to simply using Eclipse or some other IDE for practicing Java and other languages. I will admit it was my mistake to assume Codility provided sandboxes. Unfortunately, Codility is all about testing and permanently scoring and recording performance and now I MUST delete my account because this exercise I took was after a long period of not having Internet access for coding practice.

I don't have time to read long TOS but boy I wish I knew how your type of platforms are doing things. I don't appreciate your platform building a profile on my coding performance like this when I simply wanted a simple practice exercise. Account deletion should be fast, easy, and painless. Your platform makes me sick and I dread for the future of computing and how people like the ones that run this website are enslaving humanity by sucking up all of our data (information is power) with what should have been good machines to empower the masses, not enslave them as generic data points on a flow chart for the Corporate-Banking Overlord Class.

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