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This is an information to anyone who joined Designhill and want to delete their account completely.

The process a bit tedious, you need to request manually to the support email. After that, they only restrict you to login but they don't remove your account/profile, your data still there and your portfolios become their free SEO material.

Please note when you joined, you're forced to fill a real legal name, and linked to real Facebook account before you can use their website. Since the beginning, we can't type a username that we want, it was auto generated from your email address. I read their help page that said we can change our username later from our account setting page. After I sign up, I realized that their help page is outdated because we can't change our username no matter how even if we ask support.

Not everyone want to publish their email address to public. I keep my professional emails separated depend on the purpose, email for register to websites is different from email for payment and different from email for client and public. That because I was a victim of identity theft! Privacy is very important for me.

And the way Designhill keep this data after we request removal is illegal! Especially for you who joined as a client and you added your credit card number or another payment information, please beware!

I need to back and forth complaining to their support to completely remove my account! It was tedious process.

I solved my issue so I haven't had time to try yourdigitalrights, but I think this is a great website for anyone who cares about their data and privacy.

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